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Product Stewardship in Practice | Themed session at the BOHS 2017 conference

On Thursday 17 April 2017 ECFIA representatives had the opportunity to present the Product Stewardship Programme, the CARE Programme, and toxicological and epidemiological aspects of HTIW at the 2017 BOHS conference that took place in Harrogate. Read more »


ECFIA brochure

To inform interested stakeholders about ECFIA, a new brochure has been produced which includes information on the types of HTIW and where they are used, the CARE and PSP programmes, as well as on toxicological and scientific studies related to HTIW.

The brochure is electronically available as a pdf-file and also in printed format which can be ordered by contacting us at:


New brochure on Product Stewardship Programme available

One of ECFIA´s main objectives is to provide sound factual information on HTIWs and to develop safe working practices and good occupational health and safety standards in the production and use of HTIWs. These objectives are reflected in ECFIA´s comprehensive Product Stewardship Programme. Read more »


“ECFIA Action”: Passive exposure to HTIW

Recognising the need to quantify passive exposure to fibrous dust during worker activities, ECFIA has undertaken further investigations to examine situations where individuals are working in areas where HTIW products are contained within a closed process, or HTIW products are installed but are not being worked on. Read more »


Participation in “10. German Dangerous Substances Safety Award” competition

ECFIA is participating in the “10. German Dangerous Substances Safety Award” competition. This competition, initiated by BAuA, the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, rewards ideas and initiatives that improve occupational safety when handling dangerous substances.

Read more »