ECFIA represents the European High Temperature Insulation Wool (HTIW) industry. Its members manufacture a broad range of HTIW products that are essential in industrial applications, such as the thermal insulation of furnaces, other thermal process equipment, catalytic converters for vehicles and for various fire protection and prevention purposes.

Throughout our history we have endeavoured to provide a sound knowledge for users, re-processors, distributors, regulators and workers and to communicate the benefits of and the enabling technologies associated with HTIWs.

In this blog we will give interested parties access to news and information on a range of important topics related to HTIW including: basic and expert knowledge, REACH information, scientific studies, regulatory affairs, and other news.



ECFIA´s website provides comprehensive information about the HTIW. You will find information about the production, use and advantages of HTIW. In addition, we shall advise you about the current conditions and the regulations pertinent to their application.Furthermore, we should like to inform you about ECFIA and present our aims and activities.

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A full description of ECFIA´s labelling policy, including our interpretation regarding the “substance – mixture – article” definitions can be downloaded from our labelling website.

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CARE Guidance

The CARE Guidance documents form a comprehensive library of information on the safe handling and use of HTIW products. They have been written by industry experts and are designed to give customers of ECFIA member companies helpful information on how to put in place effective controls to minimise exposure to airborne fibres in the workplace.

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